Kesha Ram Hinsdale talking with supporters

Kesha Ram Hinsdale on the Issues that Matter Most

Creating an Inclusive Economy

Vermonters measure ourselves by how well we treat others, not by what we look like or what’s in our wallets. We don’t measure success by how many cars we have, but by how many cars we have pulled out of a ditch. We all want to work hard and provide for our loved ones. 

But the cards are increasingly stacked against low and moderate income Vermonters while nationally, we see efforts to defund schools and seniors are threatened with cuts to Medicare and Social Security. They try to divide us from each other at work and in our communities because they know we all do better when we’re all in for all of us. 

A good job is about more than making a living; it’s also about having time and resources to take a loved one to the doctor, attend a parent-teacher conference, or retire in dignity. It’s about making sure that all of us have a home to raise our kids, pursue our dreams, and build our lives.

Justice for our Communities

No matter what we look like, where we come from, who we love, or how much we make, Vermonters believe that our democracy should work for and represent all of us fairly; our justice system should treat us all equally under the law, and; everyone should have a fair shot providing for their family and participating in their community. 

But today, we can see that certain politicians and their wealthy funders fuel divisions and distract us with fear, hoping we’ll look the other way as they accumulate ever greater wealth and power.

We make a better, more just future, and by joining together across race, gender, origin, and sexuality, we can ensure this is a place where liberty and justice are for all – no exceptions.

Green New Deal & Environmental Justice

From the shores of Lake Champlain to the Connecticut River, from our mountain peaks to our cold hollows, Vermonters have always had a deep connection with the land that sustains us. Clean air, clean water, and safe sustainable communities are what make our Green Mountain State so special.

But thanks to policies out of Washington, fossil fuel companies and greedy corporations can still pollute our air, poison our water, and dump toxins into our communities – all to maximize their profits. The painful reality is that our most marginalized communities – rural towns, communities of color, and the people who struggle the most to get by – are the ones who feel the impact first, and hardest.

By demanding change and climate action, we can keep all our communities safe and healthy, now and into the future. We will heal the damage done to our communities and power our future with locally generated energy from the wind and sun while creating thousands of good jobs and healthy neighborhoods for all of our families.

Healthcare as a Human Right

All Vermonters deserve to be able to make the best healthcare choices for ourselves and our families. We all want to make sure we can prevent, treat, or recover from illness or injury – without the threat of going bankrupt. 

But private insurance companies, big Pharma, and all their lobbyists have sold off our health to the highest bidder, raking in record profits from sickness and injury, all while they deny us the quality affordable care – care that most people around the world take as given.  They divide us against each other based on what we look like, where we come from, or how much money we have, so we don’t join together to demand proven solutions through a public system that can ensure the care all of us need. 

Vermonters have already shown this country that we’re at the forefront of providing for our own, but we need federal solutions to enact bold reforms like Medicare for All. By joining together, we can make this a place where all of our families can get the care we need at a price we can afford.

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