Tackling the Climate Crisis

Finding the light at the intersection of our climate, labor, and social justice movements is my life’s work and will be my top priority in Washington. Vermont has long been a leader in climate action. This intersectional approach is what it will take to completely transition away from our reliance on corporate fossil fuel companies and build a livable future for us all.

In Congress, I will work to transition our nation to 100% clean renewable energy by 2035 and put an end to our reliance on dirty and costly fossil fuels. This also means making massive investments in renewable energy like solar, wind, and geothermal, energy storage systems, and clean energy jobs. These investments will not be successful without building a strong, resilient grid infrastructure that allows us to partner with neighboring states across New England to ensure we all have the energy needed to power our lives.

Our transition to renewable energy must also include transportation and home heating – two of our biggest contributors to climate change. I first entered the legislature in 2008 without a car, experiencing the need for reliable, safe public transportation personally. Over 15 years later, I still meet with Vermonters, particularly in our rural communities, who can’t get to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment because the bus in their community stops running too early in the day. I’ll work to invest heavily in our public transportation systems so that all Vermonters can get where they need to go. I’ll also work to expand access to electric vehicles through subsidies and charging infrastructure, particularly for renters and working Vermonters.

Vermont must also take part in the transition away from home heating systems powered by fossil fuels. We know that Vermonters across the state already struggle to afford the high costs of heating during the long winter months – and that this burden is not felt equally by all. In the past year, BIPOC Vermonters were seven times more likely to have gone without heat than white Vermonters. I believe in a state where all of us can stay warm during the winter months without worrying about polluting our natural spaces. And I will fight for renewable energy and housing investments so that all Vermonters can heat their homes consistently from renewable energy.

We need a fighter in Washington who understands the urgency of the climate crisis and will prioritize the transition to a renewable energy future. I will be that fighter for Vermonters.

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