Supporting Small Businesses

Vermont has a long history of entrepreneurship and creativity. From our artists and craftspersons, to our technical talent and trades professions, small businesses across our state are employing Vermonters and helping our local communities thrive. But they need our help, in starting their businesses, supporting their employees, and keeping the doors open when times get tough.

I believe that support for small businesses must begin by expanding who has access to financial capital. We must expand loan programs through the Small Business Administration and lower interest rates on loans for small businesses owned and operated by communities that have historically been left out of investment, including people of color, women, and Indigenous populations. 

As a former advisory council member of Main Street Alliance of Vermont, I also know that supporting our small businesses means leveling the playing field for investments in their employees. Vermont deserves a federal partner who will continue the work of passing universal paid family leave and childcare programs, investing in workforce development, canceling student loan debt, and ensuring all workers are well-compensated for their labor. 

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